The Gaia Hive​
Remember why you came here.
Remember life is sacred. Peia.

Learning directly from the plants
& r emember ing ancient ways.
~ Join our  Intuitive herbalism
apprenticeships in 2019!
(One Saturday a month for 7 months)
~Winter basket weaving workshops
Dundas, Ontario


"Hail Ancestors of this Sacred Land
Place of nourishment and inspiration.
Hail Ancestors of blood who gave us life,
Womb to womb and breath to Sacred Breath.
Hail Ancestors of Spirit, Guides, and Teachers
You from behind the veil who show us the beauty of life.
Ancestors we come in thanks for your innumerable gifts.
May you be honoured.
May you be forever blessed."
Carole Guyett
"We can love ourselves by loving the earth."
Wangari Maathai